Simple Considerations to Make While Hiring Scaffold Tower

While constructing or repairing buildings, a scaffold comes in handy in supporting both Hiring Scaffold Towerworkers and people at the construction site. Scaffolding is a type of staging which has been in use since the ancient times. You will find many types of scaffolds which are either made from tubes or metal pipes; in Asia, you will find wood made scaffolds too. Read on and learn the considerations to make during scaffold tower hire.

Due to the risky nature of work that scaffolds support, they are required to meet certain set standards. The standards have specifications for methods of both general and structural designs. The European Standard, 12811-1, makes specifications on the requirements for performance. All companies that offer scaffold hire services need to make sure that they meet these standards for safety and compliance.

There are both general and specialty scaffolding. Depending on the kind of work you intend to do, you can toggle between these two. General scaffolds have the components of basic scaffolding which are transoms, standards and ledgers. Specialty scaffolds are in specific categories like fabricated frame, multi point adjustable suspension, and needle beam among many other types.

While looking to hire scaffolds, make sure that the company is certified to engage in the business. This is important for safety assurance purposes. Look for a scaffold that is easy to erect and tested. It should provide a safe and quicker access to the working area. Thus it should meet safety and health requirements relating to tower use.

As earlier stated, there are certain requirements that the scaffold tower should meet to be considered safe for use. You need to ensure that the work you undertake at height is well organized. You should also ensure that anyone working at height is competent in the work being done. Another legal requirement is that all risks should be assessed in advance and the correct equipment used.

After hiring a scaffold tower, there is certain control measures that you need to put into place. During tower construction, make sure that you locate it on a level and firm ground. You can use footplates if this is not possible. You should also ensure that the workers wear head protection. While constructing the tower, make sure that you erect and dismantle according to the safety instructions given by the supplier. Before starting to use the scaffold tower, inspect it keenly to make sure that it meets all needed design instructions.

There are certain conditions you need to meet while using the tower. You should position it away from pedestrian and car routes. You should also never position it near power lines. While not in use, make sure you prevent access to it. You should also never stand on any other object while working at platform position.

Scaffold tower hire is a thriving business. There are so many companies that offer these services. However, due to the risky nature of work undertaken through towers, you need to ensure that you source from a competent supplier. Use the tips provided here as a guide while looking to hire.

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